What to watch out for when buying Christmas gifts online December 05 2014

Online shopping has become a widely accepted practice here in South Africa, with many people opting to avoid the chaos of local malls and do their Christmas shopping online instead. It’s become all too easy for fraudsters to launch a website and con people out of their hard-earned-cash, which is why you should do your research before buying anything online. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying your Christmas gifts online this year:

Do they offer a secure payment facility?

Some people are still wary about entering their credit card details online. A reputable online store should give you a number of options, including EFT, cash deposits, digital currencies (such as Bitcoin) as well as VISA and Mastercard payments.

Does the shopping cart facility work?

A supplier who is serious about online selling will have a website where you can add products to your cart and make a payment. If you get bogged down with back-and-forth e-mails about products that are out of stock, take your business elsewhere.

How quick do they respond to queries?

If you’ve got a query about your purchase, the online store’s shipping process or the payment process, the online store should be easy to contact and quick to respond to your queries.

Do they have a return policy?

Online shopping can come with risks (a clothing item not fitting properly, the product not working or the wrong one being shipped to you accidentally). Find out if they have a return policy so that you are able to return a product and get a refund if you aren’t satisfied.

Check the privacy policy

The last thing you need is for your personal details such as your e-mail address ending up in a spam database. Make sure the online store has a privacy policy to ensure your details won’t be shared with any other websites or companies.

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